The Golden Toaster

Our Hero

Becoming a piece of toast is an adventure like no other. Every slice of bread must make the treacherous journey to Mount Toast. There, deep within the caves of the mountain lies the coveted Golden Toaster. Our hero, armed with his trusty butter knife has entered the caves and treks onward.

Just a bit farther ahead he spots a distinct golden glow...

Our hero on his quest for the Golden Toaster.
The glow of the Golden Toaster shines bright in the cave.

A Danger Arises

Suddenly appearing from within the crevices of the cave comes a malicious force; the Spirit of Staleness. Destroying bagels, breads, and all forms of carby goodness, the Spirit guards against those who would attempt to steal or use the Golden Toaster.

A wild Spirit Of Staleness appears!

Jumping To Attack!

Our hero leaps back as the Spirit reaches its icy grasp. Ducking under its attack our hero finds protection from a nearby rock. Jumping forward he quickly unleashes a powerful slash at the Spirit! Injured by the buttery goodness of our hero’s knife, the Spirit hastily disappears into the darkness of the cave.

Our hero leaps under the Spirit and strikes with his trusty butter knife!

There in the center of the cave was the Golden Toaster. All his years of unleavened youth he’d heard the stories of this treasured relic. Climbing up into the Toaster he knew he had finally finished his journey. He had leveled up into the piece of toast that every loaf dreams of!

The End

Leveling up after reaching the Golden Toaster!